2013 Results are at the very bottom of this page. Congratulations to all of our FANTASTIC 2013 Challenge Champions!

National Challenge Championship 2014

Las Vegas, NV

Hot on the heels of the huge growth of our Championship events in 2012 and 2013,  the National Challenge Championship is returning to Las Vegas for 2014! It's the biggest, toughest, most awesome Challenge Nation race, pitting the top 50 teams from all 35 races in the 2014 season to battle for a huge $5,000 winner-take-all first place prize, plus cash prizes for the runners up! 

When: Saturday, November 15th 2014, 11 a.m.

Where: Las Vegas, NV (starting location likely going to be at a venue in the South Strip area)

Who: The top 5 teams from each race are automatically eligible for the National Championship with complimentary entry (registration required below, however). The rest of the top 50 teams from each race qualify for the race and are eligible to enter for $65 per participant (no limit on team size). Only one qualifying member from the original team is necessary--you can trade out other team members.

Prizes: $5,000 prize for the winning team--our 2014 Challenge Champion. At a minimum, we have added the following prizes to spice up the competition, and reserve the right to add MORE prizes!

2nd Place: $500

3rd Place: $300

4th Place: $200

5th Place: Free entry to any 2015 Challenge Race for your entire team!

6th Place: Half off entry to any 2015 Challenge Race for your entire team!

Race format is explained at length below.

Number of teams: TBD. We had 46 teams show up to Las Vegas in 2013...and are expecting the same or more in 2014!

Why: to WIN it all, baby! (also, to have a blast in Vegas!)

How to register: Use the form below to take part! If you're in the top 5, please use your team name where it asks for a code on the 2nd page of the process--we'll manually verify each entry. For top 50 finishers, please also list your team name when asked on the payment page. 

Race Format: Format is subject to change, but here was last year's format, which will form the basis for the 2014 Championship when we publish the final format: the race is in two phases, with all teams competing in round one and the top five (+ 1 wild card) teams advancing to the final round. The first round will begin at 11 a.m. and all teams will get a 12 clue packet at the same time. These clues are harder and more spread out than a typical Challenge race, so we expect the winning time will be between 2 hours and 3 hours. The final round will commence exactly one hour after the 5th team finishes. The top 5 finishers will advance to the final round PLUS one "wild card" team, drawn at random (from a hat) from the pool of teams that finish in the hour between races.

Additionally, for the final round, while all teams will receive the clues at the same time, the ability of a team to depart the start area will be staggered based on each team's finish time in round one (on a 5:1 basis). Example: team one can leave immediately, team two must wait 2 minutes to move if they finished 10 minutes behind team 1 in round one, and so on.

The first team back in the final round is our overall 2013 Challenge Nation Champion and the winner of $5,000! We'll keep taking times until we've awarded all prizes.

For any specific questions, please email us at info@challengenation.com.

2013 Results

2013 Challenge Champions "We Think We Can" Qualified from Pittsburgh, PA

Final Round Results:

1. 43:19 We Think We Can $5,000 2014 Challenge Nation Champions

2. 47:10 The Nads  $500 Runners Up  

3. 51:28 Zack Attack $300 3rd Place

4. 51:32 UMMS $200 4th Place

5. 55:10 29th & Salty Free 2014 Team Race Entry

6. 55:11 Party Animals 1/2 Off 2014 Team Race Entry

Preliminary Round Results:

1. 2:00:44 Zack Attack

2. 2:00:45 UMMS

3. 2:01:15 The Nads

4. 2:22:56 Party Animals

5. 2:32:44 We Think We Can

6. 2:35:58 Gaucho Locos

7. 2:38:14 Burning River Runners

8. 2:40:01 One Of These Things is Not Like the Other

9. 2:41:06 Midwest Mayhem

10. 2:44:23 Cougin' It

11. 2:44:24 Flying Dutchmen

12. 2:44:30 Fab Five

13. 2:44:31 Traveling Fools

14. 2:46:11 Goldie & Three Boys

15. 2:47:18 He Runs LA

16. 2:52:15 Fancy Cowgirls

17. 2:57:06 Dirty Birds

18. 3:00:21 MNFers

19. 3:01:30 Sorta Ricans

20. 3:04:27 Teeth Lizard

21. 3:05:52 Husky Haters

22. 3:06:55 Rat Race

23. 3:08:14 Skadooshe

24. 3:10:24 Kill Derf

25. 3:12:21 Mason Minions

26. 3:16:38 Brini Adventures

27. 3:17:59 Missy Wolfe's Team

28. 3:20:06 In It To Win It DAM'T

29. 3:20:16 29th & Salty *bonus round drawing winners*

30. 3:23:08 Two Men & A Lady

31. 3:25:50 Similar Parts

32. 3:27:18 Boston Strong

33. 3:31:29 Ford Tough

34. 3:35:01 Wildcats

35. 4:06:00 Girls Night Out

36-46: DNF