Corporate Opportunities with Challenge Nation

We offer two separate corporate programs at Challenge Nation:

Private Races / Teambuilding

Sometimes, mid-week and on weekends we don't have a public race, Challenge Nation finds itself suffering thrill withdrawal. We miss the trickiness of the clues, exploring new corners of a city, and the great fun that teams can have together. 

Each private race is 100% custom built, tailored to the options that you'd like us to provide. We can provide the race only, or build a full day of fun around it.

Can your private/corporate/teambuilding opportunity help us fill that thrill gap between our public events? There are too many details to include the only way to find out is to email us at Note: we find that the minimum cost-effective size for both your group and our event team is approximately 50-70 people, depending on your city's distance from our HQ. 


Challenge Nation is the nation's largest urban adventure race series, bringing our unique brand of excitement to 31,000 participants in 2013, with even more expected to take part in our fifth anniversary season kicking off in 2014. 

We have a range of opportunities for you to share your brand with our thrill-seeking, active demographic, from single-market sampling/showcase booths to hosting a clue location in a race city, to comprehensive national sponsorship packages that cover our entire season. 

To inquire for details, please contact