Help with Registering

Our apologies if you are having difficulty registering for the race. We do require registration online prior to the race kicking off, so the following pointers may help you get all set for the big day! Here are some common issues and how to fix them:

Registration system says "invalid code" when entered

If you purchased a registration from a partner, please read the directions provided from them very carefully--it's likely you are entering the wrong code at this point in the process.

Registration system says "session has expired"

After a certain period of time, your registration times out and your tickets are re-released--that's when you see this message. To start over immediately and avoid this message, use a different computer or different browser on your computer to register. Avoid mobile devices if you can.

Need to Change a teammate's name or team name

Use these directions from Eventbrite to change out any of these items. 

Need to sign up a new teammate after we already signed up

No problem, just sign them up individually, then put down the same team name when you register them. Checking-in on race day is by first/last name and final team names are entered at the finish line, so don't stress about the team name too much!

I think I missed a registration deadline

Go ahead and try anyway using the directions; we usually offer as many extensions to deadlines as we can and it's likely registration is still open to you. 

I'm not sure if my kid needs a registration or not

Children 5 and below are free (but you need to fill out a waiver for them on race day) and 6 and up need an online registration.  

Not sure if listed registration costs per-person or per team

The registration prices listed on your city's site are per person. Each participant on your team will need a registration to compete! 

I'm still having problems!!

No worries--just shoot us an email at and we'll help you out!