Welcome to Challenge Nation, Grouponers!

Thank you for your interest in Challenge Nation on Groupon!

Below are some Groupon-specific FAQs:

Is this going to be awesome?

Yes, it's 100% guaranteed awesome. Check out our Facebook page for the latest raves from our Challengers.

Does everyone on my team need their own Groupon?

Yes, each Groupon is for one individual to compete.

I've bought a Groupon, what do I need to do to finalize registration?

A few hours after you complete your Groupon purchase, your Groupon certificate should be ready in your account on their website. All you'll need to complete registration it is your unique redemption code on your Groupon voucher --once you have that, please use the registration form at the bottom of the your city's Challenge page to register with us. Please follow the step by step instructions on your Groupon voucher. You'll then select the number of people on your team, click "order now", THEN you'll enter the Groupon number on the NEXT page (don't use the "discount code" link) and finish the registration from there. You'll need to enter a Groupon number for each person on your team.

Can I add to my team later on even if they didn't get the Groupon?

Yes! You can definitely add new people to your team later on--the more the merrier. Just select the number of regular registrations you'd like in the drop down menu at the same time you select the number of Groupons, before pressing "order now." Or you can add people to the team later, as long as they put the same team name down when registering!

Why do I need to register with you if I've already registered with Groupon?

As you'll see on our registration form, we need your t-shirt size, team name, and email address, so we are able to reach you if necessary prior to race day.

Can I compete alone? What's the maximum team size? Can I add to my team later?

If you can't find convince anyone to come along for the adventure, you CAN compete alone with a Groupon registration. We highly recommend you have a team of at least two, however. One person can register the whole team at once--all you need is everyone's Groupon number, tshirt size, email address, and the team name.

There is no maximum team size, but you might want to break it down to a couple of teams if you have more than 8 that want to compete together.

If you want to add to your team later in the day, or even after the Groupon is over, all your friends need to do to join is list the existing team name in the appropriate blank as they register, that's all it takes.

What do I wear? What do I need to bring? Where do we go? How will this work on race day?

Most of these generic questions are covered in our FAQ.

Can I get a transfer my registration or update my team name/tshirt size?

Yes! Go to www.eventbrite.com/gettickets/ and use the email address you used to order. You may need to set a password if you did not do that when ordering. Once logged on, you'll be able to update all the information you gave us when registering, including who's on your team, team name, and tshirt size.

What's next?

If you're all set with registration, check out your city's page for packet pick up times and the race start time. You'll be getting at least one update email from us prior to the race with any last minute details. Thanks for signing up!

What if I have a question not covered anywhere?

Just drop us a line at info@challengenation.com. We're here to help!